Why Pirate Party?

Version 1.0 Draft 4 (Tue Jan 22 09:39:52 PST 2013)

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Article 1: Basic Principles

Article 2: Rights

Article 2: Rights

Article 3: Membership

Article 3: Membership

Article 3: Membership


Appendix 1: Glossary


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Change Log

  1. Clarify eligibility for permanent membership.
  1. Position on violence added. We oppose violence.

  2. Added a Change Log. It tracks changes made to constitution.

  3. Added slide show navigation info. It was confusing to some users.

  4. Added link to pdf version. It is easy to keep a local copy now.

  1. Numbering: We have divided our constitution to Articles, Sections and Sub-sections for easy reference.

  2. New Members: We have introduced a process for accepting new members to our party.

  3. Right to food and housing: We think it is important in a country like ours to mention basic needs as well.